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  • photonic selected sites:
    * dictionary: where is that dictionary? ah, here it is...
    homework resources: writing reports? here are a few helps available.
               microsoft encarta
    * international sites, taste our global village.  selected world's favorites.
    car talk: tom & ray have the depth and the breadth, more importantly wits, all about and around your car. go and search their answers about what you are wondering about so long time...
    * america west arena: : need events info? here they are.
    * stock search: microsoft investor site. details of any company in the us stock markets.
    * reserve airline ticket free and for the best price.
    but don't forget to check out your travel agency too.
    * yellow page: for people in qwest area.
    * yahoo street map! street map? who need those paper?
    * blue book, before asking your dealer? do you want to know the value of your car to trade-in?
    * real video(r)radio_speaker.gif (383 bytes) or get microsoft multimedia updates for many internet radio sites or listening on-line cds, live video news like cnn headline news, bloomberg live.
  • join free the world's largest discount shopping club!
    »old navy is joining in the growing discount store list
    see here.
  • photonic network protects privacy:
    photonic network respects and protects our member's private information, such as, name, address, email, phone numbers, etc. without member's explicit consent, we will not release any private information to outside.
  • oracle adm:
    if you have a question click here.

  • photonicsoft
    business and personal custom software development. click here.


  • photonic tip! - search smart ...
    when you are looking for information, you click search or other. remember following rules that might save your patience...
    * words with spaces in between taken as "this or that..."
    * put + in front of words you must see, like "this +that"
    * enclose the whole phrase with quotations if it is a single name,
             like...  "photonic network", "new york", etc.
  • photonic mac...
    some general help for mac users.  we welcome mac users' personal tips to share with others at this page. email us.
  • go international...

  • photonic utilities:
    regclean:  check and clean up your mess in windows registry.  this might help your explorer speed.
    free download: 835k: microsoft

    *note: window 98 includes this deeply in:
    start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools
    -> system information -> tools -> registry checker. 





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