smallnew.gif (926 bytes)let friends join!

  • and ask for a reward, check.gif (662 bytes)by email...
    help your friends to fill out the web application form and ask just "what is it?".

    please remember to enter your id at "referred by" box.

also, for limited members of photonic family, the friends of network program, a special profit sharing program is available. for details, email us.

* for referrals who are active members.

international browser/email support

  • korean, japanese, chinese language support is available. download multi-language support(korean, japanese, chiness, etc) from microsoft*. type emails in your language using standard keyboard by outlook express.
    download global ime here.
    *ie4.01 required.

  • hebrew support is being planned.

soho dedicated dialup

  • to be announced

limited discounted dialup

  • to be announced

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