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for the people of mac...

here are some helpful guides for mac to connect. these are for general guidance only.  if you are our member, feel free to call administrator at the support schedule. we welcome your suggestions.  email us.

  • for a general info about internet...
    ... and the connecting methods, you can read and print some of pages in this apple's documentation.
    this is adobe  pdf file (63 pages long, 250kbytes). you need acrobat viewer to view this document.

  • make sure you install and check the modem... ... and connect the telephone line.
    to installing modem, follow the instructions in your modem manual.    if the modem is installed correctly, it will show up in the selection boxes while you are following the steps.
  • mac os 7.x:
    the best way is to install and to setup with apple internet connection kit ver. 1.2.
 install the apple internet connection kit on your hard drive, insert the internet connection kit cd (or the first floppy disk if installing from floppies). next, double-click the 'installer' icon and then follow the instructions on your screen. when installation is complete, click the 'apple internet dialer' icon in the launcher window and follow the instructions that appear on-screen....(more see aick 1.2 read me)

    to start the connection, click apple internet dialer at the launcher folder.
  • imac and power mac os 8.x
    the best way in this case, to use internet configure already installed in your machine.  read this page.

    to start internet connection, click your hard disk folder, and click the internet icon.

  • photonic dial-up numbers:
    within metropolitan phoenix, do not dial 1.  take all as a local number. call administrator for the dial-up for your area.
  • suggested network settings:
    dns server1:
    dns server2:
    ip address:        <auto>
    news server: (if you like...)
  • email setup:
    email pop3 server name (receive mail):
    email smtp server name (send mail):
    email user id:  yourid/
    email password: <your password>
  • for any comments email us.



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