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  • satisfaction guaranteed!
    photonic network guarantee customer satisfaction. - if you are not satisfied with our services within 30 days from initial contract., we will refund all the paid services during that time.
    just enjoy the stable, fast connectivity to the internet from photonic network.
  • announcing new services
mutilink  what is multilink?
photonic network support multilink connection. members who have two telephone lines can connect two modems simultaneously to double the existing speed, without additional cost.*
webtv, aol specials
photonic network supports webtv connections. for the limited time, $10 per month. also aol users can switch to us for $10.00 per month.*

*photonic network may adjust rate when the promotion period ends. the rate changes will not affect existing members at the time.
*members are required to maintain eligibility and photonic network reserves the right to refuse services or to adjust rates.

dialup networking

33.6k dial-ups

  • $20.00 per month for unlimited hours  - single line only
  • $35.00 one-time setup - waived if apply on line.

multilink dial-ups   what is multilink?

  • $20.00 per month up to two lines for unlimited hours
    $10.00 per month per additional lines max 4 lines.
  • $35.00 one-time setup - waived if apply on line.
    $1.00 per minutes per line for usages over the limit based on user activity records. the amount is automatically charged to user's account.

special group rate dial-ups

  • $10.00 per month for unlimited hours - single line only
    for members of selected groups.
  • $35.00 one-time setup - waived if apply on line.

    eligible groups:(as of oct. 98)
    1. american on line members
    2. webtv only users
    3. small religious ministries.
    4. photonic network content contributers.



multilink is the technology to use two separate telephone channels of the dial up connections as one faster channel exactly by two times. therefore, you need two modems installed in your computer, and connected separately to the two phone lines. this internet standard is defined at the rfc1717, rfc1990, etc.

many users already have two phone lines, also two modems, such as, one for fax and one for internet connection.  currently if you use windows 95 or 98, you can enable/disable the second line as needed basis. photonic network staffs are willing to help you set up this.

if you use window 98, it is already incorporated into the operating system. for window 95, you need to download dun1.3 from microsoft and install it. for details of instructions, email us or check again our upcoming mutilink support pages. for mac and other platforms, note our future info.

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